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As for anti aging, women aged 18 to 80 years old are all concerned. However, the correct way to open skin care is not clear to everyone. For example, roller massage, toner directly to the face with hands. These practices are not good for the skin. Let's take a look at the following incorrect skin care methods. How many of you have?
1. wash the face with the head of a lotus canopy during the bath
The wrong reason: the temperature and the water pressure are too high
总是在冲澡的时候一并卸妆洗脸。本来以為用莲篷头流动的水冲洗的更干净,没想到大错特错! 因为洗脸应该用微温的水,冲澡的水温太高了。此外用莲篷头直接冲洗脸部水压也过高。最好还是用手泼水来洗脸!
Always wash your face with makeup when you have a shower. I thought it was cleaner to wash the water with the lotus canopy, but I didn't expect it to be wrong! Because you should wash your face with warm water, and the bath temperature is too high. In addition, it is too high to rinse the face directly with lotus head.  It's better to wash your face with water.
2. after washing the face, the foam is not cleaned.
Error reason: after washing face, it is best to look in the mirror to see if there is foam residue. Residual is one of the causes of sensitive muscle.
When many people wash their faces, they do not notice the residual foam in their hair. Some people even find that they do not need to clean up with water. The remaining wash ingredients are very likely to cause skin sensitivity, so after washing your face, be sure to see if there is any residual foam. The best way is to wash it in a wide range, and the degree of wetting in the hair line is safer.
3. facial stretching exercises
The wrong reason: overexertion
Many people usually use flapping face to do maintenance. Lin said, flapping the skin does not improve the absorption effect of the maintenance products, may also cause blood vessel rupture and blood stasis due to excessive strength, or excessive pull and cause relaxation.
Some people do facial exercises to relax their muscles, but Lin says that this does not improve muscle drooping. Zhou Caiqing said that doing facial stretching exercises can really promote facial blood circulation and waste metabolism, but the effect varies from person to person. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor.
4. when skin produces sensitive phenomenon, change the sensitive series of skin care products at once.
Error reason: avoid changing all skin care products at one time.
It is completely understandable to make sensitive skin stable at an early date, and therefore fully use the anti sensitive maintenance products at one breath, but it is a burden to the skin. In case of dry skin or other problems in the process of changing skin care products, it is impossible to know which product is not compatible with skin. The best way to replace it is to reverse the use of the skin care product. First replace the last emulsion or cream, then replace it with a single product each day.
5. blow the hair before you take a bath.
The reason for this mistake is that the heat of the blower will cause the loss of moisture in the facial skin.
Many people will dry their hair immediately after taking a bath. After washing the face, the skin that is unguarded will easily be damaged by the hot air of the hairdryer, and the moisture and moisture will be lost. Therefore, it is best to wipe up the skin care products, conditioning the skin and then blow the hair. For convenience, it is also the first to blow the hair. I didn't realize that this small carelessness is also a taboo for daily skin care.
6. pour the toner directly on your hand, thinking that it will be better to beat it with your hands, and feel very provincial.
The wrong reason: if your hands are not clean enough, smear them on your face, which will cause two pollution and affect the skin care effect.
The best way is to use a make-up cotton wet toning on the face, with a wet cotton pad from the inside, the lower direction of the face and neck, or the nose for the middle line horizontal wipe, this technique can help to shed aging dead skin cells, make the skin dry clean clean.
7. horizontally push the eye cream, the habit is fast and hard
The reason for the mistake is that the eye is the thinnest part of the facial skin.
Eye cream must be used before the cream to prevent the possibility of producing oil granules. The eye cream that squeezes out the size of the grain of rice is in the middle finger of the hands, then the ring finger of the hands is gently pressed on the side of the nose, and the index finger presses the middle finger in such a posture slightly above the zygomatic bone, so that the middle finger can be gently and gently pressed on the eye skin. From the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, gently push the eye cream into the eye's skin as if playing the piano. This technique can not only help the eye cream absorb better, but also effectively promote blood circulation and eliminate dark circles in the eyes. Special attention should be paid to the magnitude and intensity of points.
8. let the cleansing milk foam directly on the face
Error correction: cleansing cream first rubbing out foam, in turn massage
After the correct wash face technique is wet face, pour the cleanser on the palm of the palm, rub out the foam, massage the eye direction along the corner of the mouth with the finger abdomen and the forehead along the eyebrow to the temples, from the bottom to the outside, and gently knead from the inside to the outside. It needs to be noticed that the chin should be right to the left direction, the nose beam is gently rubbed in the upper direction, and then flushed with warm water. Clean or clean with warm and wet towels.
Be careful not to rub your face on your face to avoid damaging your skin.
9. wipe your face with makeup cotton dipped makeup cream, think it is very clean.
Error correction: the makeup should be pressed to dissolve the make-up.

When using cleansing oil, be sure to keep your hands and face dry. Apply proper amount of cleansing oil to the center line of the nose and smear it on both sides and forehead and chin. In the need to remove the makeup part of the finger with the action of the circle to dissolve make-up and dirt. After about 1 minutes or so, a small amount of water is dipped with the hand, and then the makeup oil will be emulsified and then white, then it is gently massaged for about 30 seconds, and then a large amount of water will be unloaded.